Inositol - Everything you need to know.


What is it?

Inositol was once believed to be part of the B vitamin family; however it is actually a chemical compound produced within the body. The downfall is that we, especially those that are fighting insulin resistance, do not produce enough for adequate health. There are nine versions of Inositol, with PCOS we focus on Myo-Inositol (Inositol) and D-Chiro Inositol. As I am not a chemist, I will not be giving you the chemical breakdown and how each compound interacts within our bodies. What I will tell you is that for me and many I know, Inositol and D-Chiro Inositol have been life changers.  The basic description is that they attach to cells within the body and wait until they see insulin floating around and grad a hold of it.  In return this lowers our insulin levels! We have already read what lowering our insulin levels can do, but let me include a few solid bullet points:

·        Reduced testosterone levels

·        Possible weight loss

·        Reduced Hirsutism (excess hair growth)

·        Improved progesterone levels

·        Regulating menstrual cycles with Ovulation

Some research has also shown us that Inositol can also:

·        Provide increased egg quality

·        Help with pregnancy rate in those completing IUI and IVF

Is I the new M?  Can Inositol replace Metformin?

Ok here is where I start to give you my true feelings and the low down as I am not pushing or selling anything, I can and will be honest.  In theory, Inositol and Metformin both work the same as they both lower insulin resistance and therefore help with many other issues (listed above), so in the long run, yes Inositol can replace Metformin as a treatment for PCOS. Does this mean everyone should stop their Metformin tomorrow and go all natural? No!  I say no, because we are all different and PCOS affects each of us differently.  As you previously read; I support the use of Metformin and unless you have already started kicking your symptoms to the curb with a PCOS Healthy Lifestyle then stopping Metformin for something labeled all natural might hinder your progress. Wait Tina, I thought you wanted everyone all natural in their treatments? Yes, I do; however, I have completed enough research to realize this does not happen overnight, so I still say take the help where you can get it.  You can take all together but I advise not at the same time of day to allow for absorption. And never without consulting your doctor!

Do I need both Myo and D-Chiro?

I have recently changed my answer of this to yes.  I take both and now also recommend that my clients do the same.  Why? Myo-Inositol actually coverts within the body to D-Chiro Inositol; however some of us are unable to make this conversion.  If you make this conversion, wonderful, but if you don’t then you are taking a supplement without the full benefits.  Why do I not then only take D-Chiro? Well, this answer is harder; according to all the lovely chemists out there, we carry a ratio of both within our blood vessels and we incredible PCOS ladies can use a boost of both.  This is why you have been hearing tons of marketing pulling people to buy the 40:1 ratio combo blend of both myo and d-chiro.  This ratio is something I will not buy into. Just because that is the ratio we are supposed to already have within the body, most chemists seem to agree that we still do not carry the adequate amount for health. These companies selling the 40:1 ratio combo packs have no proven research showing that their products work.  Yes, they do have big names pushing their products for a fee; however, we are all a bit smarter than to buy into a marketing scam. Side note, these combo packs do not carry enough of either product and most contain hidden sugars.  You are always best buying separately to ensure you are getting proper doses.

How much do I take?

The recommended dose for Myo is 6 grams daily (6000mg).  I suggest buying it in the powder form verses capsules.  If you buy capsules, you will be taking about 10 to 13 of them daily!  That’s a lot for anyone.  I also suggest taking with at least 800mcg of folic acid or a folate; it is said that the folic acid (or folate) helps the body absorb the inositol and can assist with the egg quality, which is a bonus right there.  Please note that MOST times you see a bottle just labeled inositol it is myo-inositol.

The recommended dose for D-chiro is between 600 and 1200mg daily.  I personally take 600mg.

I will share that I use the inositol powder from Sawnsons and the D-Chiro from chiral balance.  It is up to you where you make your purchase. Also, please never add any supplements to your daily routine without consulting your doctor. Oh and I get this a lot; for the myo simply mix it into your morning water and drink.  It has no taste at all, if anything your water may taste a bit sweet.

What changes will I notice?

The first thing I noticed and the first thing my clients say they notice is their moods balancing.  Everyone has noticed this within a week of use.  I wasn’t too surprised with this as inositol is used for people with depression and teenagers with forms of ADD.  After this, within 60 days of use you should start to see your cycle regulating.  At this point, your doctor should see a difference in your labs. It will take longer for other symptoms to start to disappear and hopefully ovulation to return.  Remember, inositol is not a fix it all; you need to continue doing your part by living a PCOS Healthy Lifestyle! 

Good luck.  Please share your stories with inositol or ask any questions below.  As always, thank you for reading!


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