Why is PCOS Undiagnosed

As the symptoms are multifactoral, I think it is hard for anyone who is not living what you are living to completely understand the impact a syndrome or disease can have on you personally. For many who support you, they have to sit back. offer support and in essence let you go through a very personal process. I was confused, anxious and desperate to find answers and solutions, which put a strain on all of my interpersonal relationships.

Increasing sensitivity and awareness has to mean the individual is accepting of learning with you and for you. As there are many stigmas associated with PCOS, many women and girls are afraid to open up about their experiences and feelings. Until these stigmas are removed, we cannot expect others to understand

There are two reasons why so many women with PCOS are undiagnosed for years:

1. Some doctors may think that girls will "grow out" of irregular periods, not recognizing that it is not normal to have irregular periods

2. Other doctors, mostly gynecologists, KNOW that a woman or girl has PCOS, but fail to mention or discuss it with their patients

PCOS is diagnosed by taking a history, doing a physical exam, getting blood tests, and possibly getting an ultrasound. Of these 4 things, the most important is a history of irregular periods: if you tell a doctor your periods are irregular, chances are nearly 100% that you have PCOS.

The number one, two and three warning signs of PCOS are irregular periods, irregular periods, and irregular periods! Also: trouble conceiving.

The symptoms of PCOS can vary significantly from one woman to the next, therefore a woman often does not realize she may have the syndrome. Public information and awareness about the symptoms and the serious nature of the disorder are crucial to identifying women in need of treatment. 

For women to make informed decisions about their health management, the information upon which they base their decisions should be accurate, current, based upon well-performed research studies, and obtained from well-informed and well-trained physicians and other caregivers. 

As a woman living with PCOS I know with proper education, diagnosis and treatment, effective management is possible. All women and girls who are dealing with menstrual irregularities, weight problems and/or insulin problems should be tested for PCOS.  Furthermore, every medical professional who deals with women should recognize PCOS!

Recognition and action on behalf of the PCOS Community  would ensure women and girls with PCOS will no longer have to suffer silently and medical professionals can be given the proper training, resources and insight to help put PCOS in check!

PCOS Awareness has to happen now to ensure women and girls do not have to go through another day, month or year of silent suffering..... 

Please join the PCOS Community in learning more about this syndrome, make your voice matter for millions of women worldwide who only ask that people to realize Why PCOS Matters.