Are you HAPPY and HEALTHY?

                What stops us from achieving our own health and happiness?  Could it you do not know where to start?  Could it be fear and maybe even a little self sabotage? Too many of us deserving women are stopping ourselves for one of those reasons and it needs to stop!  

Let me give you some guidance. The first step in becoming happy and healthy is to be honest with the person looking back at you in the mirror.  Sit down, look at yourself and demand more.  Grad a pen and paper and write down your goals. Make a list of both short term goals and long term goals.  This can be a very emotional task, but it is a must in achieving your happy and healthy goals. 

Now that we have your goals, where do you go?  I advise to start researching any questions.  Hit the groups on facebook, find blog and websites like this one and gather as much information as you can. This allow you to start making educated changes and adjustments in your life.  Next, find reach out to your partner, your friend, a family member or even the girl on the computer facing the same struggles.  Share with them the ways you need their support. You will be surprised what people will offer when you get the courage to ask for support.  The last part of this step will be finding a medical professional, whom you trust and makes them self available to you for appointments, questions and concerns.

Now that we have the where to start down; what’s next?  How about getting over the fear?  Maybe, like me, you have a fear a failure, a simple fear of change or even a fear of success.  Let’s find ways to throw that fear out the window.  The best way to accomplish this would be discovering why you have any fears.  Are you scared of failure?  Many are unknowingly scared of failure and it causes us to self sabotage our own success, but I’m here to tell you that you are not alone and there is no more failing in life!  Yes, there will be setbacks, there will be mistakes, there will be mountains to climb over, but as long as you keep pushing forward and keep getting up when you hit a setback; then you are not failing.  You are becoming stronger!

You might be asking why I made this my first post and I have a simple answer; until you truly dig deep and find the courage to make the change, you will hit a road block and stop just like many others have done in the past.  Until we all stand up for ourselves and become our own advocates, we will never achieve the health and happiness we strive for in life.

So when you are ready and you have your goals written out, have no fear; I am here to help.  Please use this website and my resources as your personal health and happiness coach.