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  "We discussed everything from my first period ever and all the way up until how I was currently feeling, while being sure to include everything in between"


Getting Diagnosed and sample doctors appointment.......

I have been to every type of doctor under the sun and that is not an exaggeration, so I understand how sometimes speaking to a doctor can be frustrating and intimidating.  There we are in this silly gown while sitting in a cold room waiting with the wheels in our head spinning.  We get ourselves all worked up and then when the doctor comes in, we yes and no them and accept whatever script they hand us and never ask a single question.  I used to allow myself to do that until I reminded myself that even though we should always be respectful and polite, that doctor should be working for us during our appointment time.  It is our insurance and our pockets paying them for that time, so why allow them to run in and run out without so much as pretending to care about our concerns?  Since I realized that I was able to make changes to how I handle my own doctor’s appointments.   I now always go prepared to give my full medical history and sometimes even take old lab results with me for them to review.  I am always sure to research and prepare myself for everything I wish to discuss with the doctor.

Three weeks ago when I had the privilege of meeting with the most phenomenal doctor, who is a woman’s health primary care physician specializing in treating PCOS.  I was blown away at how remarkably I was treated at this office; by the front desk employees when I checked in, to the nurse who took me back to my room, to the doctor herself and even the lovely woman who checked me out after my appointment.   I am so glad I listened to other cysters’ recommendations, did my own research on this doctor and also waited the four months for my appointment.  This woman is without a doubt a true advocate for PCOS and actually cares about her patients.

I had a textbook first patient appointment with her beginning with going over my medical history and my family’s medical history.  We went on to talk about what I wanted to gain out of my appointment and how I wanted to move forward with my PCOS treatment.   We discussed everything from my first period ever and all the way up until how I was currently feeling, while being sure to include everything in between. The appointment was able to remain on track and on point as I went prepared.  I took with me both questions and concerns I had about my own health and also with some questions regarding PCOS in general.  The doctor was impressed and thankful that I was prepared with my questions and my vitamin/supplement list printed out for us to go over everything together.  I do believe this helped my appointment flow easy and also kept the doctor intrigued in my case; therefore, causing our discussion to be more open and in-depth.

                On my vitamin/supplement list, I listed everything I currently take along with the daily doses for each. I also listed vitamins and supplements I recently stopped taking to gain her opinions on whether or not I should add them back into my current daily regimen.  We decided together that I am currently on the correct path with my vitamins and supplements and do not need to change any of them or their doses. 

Next, was the traditional patient exam.  The doctor was able to notice numerous changes in my PCOS symptoms during the physical exam.  The doctor noted how she was extremely proud and happy for my weight loss I achieved on my own and has no doubt that I am reversing the affects of most of my symptoms.

For the last part of our appointment, we sat and went over OUR game plan.  I say our game plan, as it is both my plan and the doctor’s plan combine.  Our plan included updated ultrasounds, lab work.  We decided that I will be continuing with my PCOS Healthy Lifestyle Plan, as the doctor feels I have added five years back onto my life following this regimen.

This is how all doctors’ appointments should flow, especially when your appointment is to discuss a serious topic that is affecting your health in so many ways.  Was your last appointment like this?  If not, please ask yourself why.  Do you need to locate a new doctor or do you need to prepare more for your next appointment and give your current doctor another chance? 

I am going to close this with the same reminder I always give and that is to remember to be your own advocate!  Always demand proper treatment and never give up until you receive it.  Talk to women local to you and find a good doctor, who is knowledge in PCOS.  These good doctors are out there.  You know the ones who care about us and aren’t into just fat shaming and pushing our symptoms, our feelings and our personal goals aside.  If you need help in learning how to locate a good doctor, with a list of the lab work you should request and/or some questions and concerns you should be prepared to discuss, then please complete the contact me form and I will personal respond to you.

LABS TO REQUEST at this appointment (and remember unless your insurance will not cover, make the doctor complete these labs. They are working with you and for you!):

Fasting Blood Glucose
Fasting Insulin
Fasting Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Free Testosterone, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, Total T3, Total T4
Hemoglobin A1c (HA1c) 
High Density Lipoproteins
High Sensitivity C-Reactive
Liver Functioning Tests
Low Density Lipoproteins
Luteinizing Hormone
Sex Hormone Binding
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Thyroid autoantibodies
Total Cholesterol
Vitamin D