 I have been working with Tina and her PCOS Healthy Lifestyle Plan since October. She has been a great motivator and support system. Together we got my weight down 21lbs and my A1C down 3 points from the blood test before I started the program. I am feeling amazing and I am also now on a better working relationship with my doctors.
— Sarah
 OMG! LOVE! The adjustment was hard and I fought Tina for a while, but she never gave up on me. I am down 28lbs in four months. All my daily aches and pains are gone and I am working out now too. Tina was by my side the whole time pushing me, helping me and educating me. I now have my daily vitamins and won’t be looking back. Tina made me realize I am in charge of how PCOS affects me! Thank You again Tina
— Marcy G.
 I’m PREGNANT! And I owe so much to Tina for it! There are no words to explain how I feel at the moment. I was apart of Tina’s group for two months when I got my positive results. I never realized how important a lifestyle change and supplements were, but will never doubt it again
— J
PCOSHelp.org has helped me in so many ways but most of all I am happy again. I am happy with me and accepting of myself. I have a new outlook and feel amazing too!! Thank you Tina!!!
— Jenny
Cd1, here we go again! That makes a 43 day cycle NO meds except my supplements! Shortest cycle I’ve ever had naturally, and pretty sure I actually ovulated!! Step by step we are getting there, hopefully we will have our miracle baby someday! Thank you again Tina Marie, I’m so incredibly lucky to have found this group and had the chance to join your first pcos healthy lifestyle group, it’s going to be a long road to get full control back over my own body but now I know its possible!
— Heather Lemon
 I was a member of Tina’s very first group before the website was up and running. I learned how to properly treat my body and believe in myself too. It has been 5 months now, I think, and my cycles are coming on a regular basis and last month I ovulated. With Tina and my doctor’s approval I have officially changed my life and it is no longer ran by PCOS.
— Ashley Stevens
I met Tina on the PCOS Facebook support page. We began chatting about my issues and how to correct them in September. Since following her advice/program. I am down 14 pounds and my cycles are starting to become regular. I think her program is amazing and I’m so happy I found her.
— Jessica Ryan